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  • Do's of Battery
    • Keep Flames, Sparks, Metallic Objects away from top of battery.
    • Add water frequently to maintain correct level.
    • Read instruction on proper charger setting.
    • Allow battery to charge fully before using.
    • Use hydrometer to check state of charge.
    • Keep battery top area clean and dry.
    • Allow battery to cool down before using after charging.
    • Keep charging equipment in good repair; clean occasionally by blowing out with compressed air.
    • Give cold batteries extra time to charge.
    • Wash and neutralize batteries when required.
    • Use a spreader bar to lift battery.
  • Don'ts of Battery
    • Don't over discharge batteries.
    • Don’t add too much water.
    • Don't change batteries unnecessarily.
    • Don’t disconnect battery before turning charger off.
    • Don't damage connectors by dropping on floor.
    • Don't lift batteries with chains only.
    • Don't try to change charger setting.
    • Don't ignore problems. Eliminate them with proper action.
    • Don't guess anything about batteries and chargers. Ask questions - be informed, be safe and productive.
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